This page contains documents and links helpful for determining rigor in your SLO.

DRAFT Multistate SLO Rubric

Evaluators and educators are encouraged to use this rubric to measure the quality of the information provided by educators on the NYS SLO Template.

NYSED Analytic Rubric for Rating the Quality of SLO Elements

New York Student Learning Objectives Analytic Rubric for Rating the Quality of SLO Elements

NYSED Annotated SLO Rubric Form

Annotated SLO Rubric Form

Multi-State SLO Rubric

This draft rubric was developed by a national SLO Work Group convened by the Reform Support Network (RSN) that includes representatives from many of the Race to the Top States, including New York State. The goal of the effort was to produce a rubric that multiple states can use to evaluate the quality of SLOs.

NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubrics

Just as New York State's Teaching Standards describe effective practice, the NYSUT teacher practice rubric reveals the state's broad standards in specific and focused terms. This rubric selected for use in the TED system is one of only five initially approved in 2011 for use statewide by districts working to implement changes in state law governing teachers' Annual Professional Performance Reviews. This document will be used by administrators during observations after teachers have received training for it.

Student Growth Measures

37-page pdf from NYSED on Student Growth Measures. Includes Q&A on many other issues related to APPR.